About Kristi

Kristi HuyckHi there!  My name is Kristi, and I am probably like many of you…..a 21st century woman with a lot on her plate!  I wear many hats: Happy Wife, Blessed Mom, Smitten Grandma, RN, Essential Oil Junkie as well as an Entrepreneur.  I’m a Lover of all things Natural and Passionate about Freedom and following your dreams!   I believe that we are all strong and smart and able to figure things out.  And while I think it’s good to ask for help when you need it, it seems we’ve come to a place in our healthcare where we’ve given away all of our power to a system that does not always have our best interests at heart.  We have lost all the ancient wisdom that used to be passed down through families that taught us how to take care of own health challenges without having to rely on a lot of outside resources.

My Journey

I was a Candy Striper throughout high school because there was just something in me that needed to reach out and try to help people feel better.  After high school and into my adult years, I continued to volunteer in my community.  It was a natural progression to go to nursing school after my kids were grown to turn my love of helping people into a full time job! But sadly, after starting to work, I found that caring for people was not always the primary interest of the institutions I was working in, instead, it was often making sure that the corporate interests were being served first.   What that translated into was not enough people or resources to accomplish the increased workloads…and patients were the ones receiving the short end of this stick. This was not what I signed up for!!

There is a better way!

A day in the life of a RN on the floor is very hectic!!  I was having problems with feeling anxious, panicked and overwhelmed.  A friend challenged me to try an Essential Oil blend called Balance, or the ‘Grounding Blend’, and said it would help.  Not believing her (because after all, how can something that smells that good also be therapeutic and deliver the help I needed?), I decided to try it anyway…..and it was Magic.  No, I really mean it was Magic!  All symptoms gone, and me, a Happy Nurse!  I was hooked, now these oils had my attention and I dove in, trying to learn everything I could.

A Perfect Match

Now, three years later, my nurse’s heart has found the perfect home! It’s the perfect marriage of caring for people and providing tools and resources that are wholesome and healthy.  It is now my life’s passion and greatest joy to everyday, be allowed to encourage folks and educate them that they too can find solutions, just like I have, to care for many of your family’s health challenges.  But a word of caution…once you start on this road of independent thinking in one area, it has a way of spilling over into other areas of your life…and before you know it, a grand adventure has started!  So come with me, dip your toe in, and find the joy of feeling empowered and owning your own, unique, precious and beautiful life!


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