Take Charge of Your Moods with Essential Oils! Part II

Recapping from yesterday, we learned that the chemistry of essential oils can interact with the chemistry of your ‘emotions’ (whether they are emotions you are experiencing right now or one that has been buried for a while).  You can create a shift in your brain chemistry that is the opposite of any ‘negative’ emotions. We learned that depending on what emotion you want to elicit, you can create a specific blend for yourself that will calm, motivate, cheer, uplift, energize or ground yourself depending on what oils you choose from a few basic categories of plants and trees.

To create a good blend, here are a few tips:

  • Consider what effect you want from the blend. Relaxing, energizing, calming? Find those properties on the wheel.
  • Choose a group of oils that fit the description of what you want to achieve.
  • Once you have selected the effect you want to achieve and which oils they are, you can start pairing them together!  3-5 oils is a good number to blend.

Here is an oil properties wheel to help get you started:

HERE is downloadable PDF for you print off of the above wheels so you can see it better!

The oil combinations that you create can be placed in a cold air diffuser, a personal inhaler, or into a roller bottle and used topically.

Since I am with doTERRA,  HERE are a few diffusers that they offer, but I also like Sparoom.com for their selection and prices.  Personal inhalers and either 5ml or 10ml roller bottles can be purchased at aromatools.com.  Aromatools also offers a wonderful book that you have to have if you love this subject as much as I do, and it’s called Emotions and Essential Oils, A Modern Resource for Healing, 2016.  You can have a look around and see many other related books there also.

So wouldn’t you know that the science team at doTERRA has looked into this very important subject of managing emotions and moods and has done all the heavy lifting for us and created some wonderful blends!!

When I first was introduced to essential oils and doTERRA  three years ago, they had four basic oils for managing moods.  Here is the chart that first helped me understand why the Balance blend was so effective for my anxiety.

The other above blends of  Citrus BlissElevation and Serenity are powerful for targeting the lower vibration emotions and moods shown on the chart.  When used consistently, you will start to see the shift!  On a side note, the Serenity has recently been reformulated with Cedarwood and been renamed ‘Restful Blend‘, because it will do exactly that….help you rest.

Then doTERRA came out last year with a new set of 6 oils called the Emotional Aromatherapy System for more targeted and specific emotional goals.  I have used each of these oils for different reasons with good results.  The Motivate with its bright Clementine and Peppermint has gotten me out of a slump or two.  The Console and Peace have helped me grieve loss in a healthy way, to let sadness pass through and not get ‘stuck’ so that I was overwhelmed with sorrow.   Again, these are not one time applications.  It sometimes may take a while to make a new neuron pathway, but with consistency, you will achieve your desired results without having to resort to deadening your senses with synthetic pharmaceuticals.  Do you need cheering up?  Then Cheer is what you need!  And if you have lost your zest for life, then give Passion a try.  Finally, if you are stuck in a place of unforgiveness towards someone, then Forgive will help lighten your load and help you move on.


These six oils are also available in 6 prediluted 10 ml roller balls for children or people with sensitive skin.  I REALLY, REALLY wish I had these when I was raising my kids!  Helping children identify and process emotions in a healthy way will serve them well as adults.  This kit is called Emotional Aromatherapy Touch, and if you click the title of the kit,  you can find the details!






Here below is a wheel showing how each blend was created depending on the properties of the plants and trees.

There is also a VERY COOL free app called doTERRA Daily Drop.  On there is a track called ‘Emotional Wellness’ where you can start to learn the emotional properties of some of the different oils.  Also, if you look up in the right hand corner of the app, you will see three horizontal lines.  Click into that and find the line that says ‘Determine Your Mood’.  There is  a sliding scale from 0 -5 for 18 different moods.  Depending on where you slide the bar for each of those moods, a recommendation will be made for which of the 6 blends from the Emotional Aromatherapy System would best suit you.  It’s been right on every time I’ve used it!

I hope that this has helped you know that you have some options and that you don’t have to be a slave to any low vibration emotions in your life.  You now have lots of options to create the energy and vitality that characterizes a positive, well lived life!   It is possible and doable to get back in the drivers’ seat using essential oils to manage your moods!

So how serious are you?  It’s easy to get started…..

For easy to follow directions on how to purchase, click HERE.

Then, when you know that you are ready be in the driver’s seat,  click below to get started with either a kit or you can purchase the oils as singles also!

Many Blessings and Abundant Health to You!



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