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There are many essential oils that will support women and young girls as they traverse through the many and downs of fluctuating hormone cycles throughout their lives. As they seek to find balance from the beginning of starting their periods, all the way through to menopause, there are essential oils and Doterra products that will provide that much needed support. When the body is balanced and receiving the nutrition that it needs, navigating potential side effects of unbalanced hormones will be greatly diminished.

Essential Oils for Women’s Health Part 2

Besides actively participating in the four steps discussed yesterday,  your body might need the support of some outside resources to traverse the land mines of the hormonal journey.
Because we live in a world where our farming lands have been compromised due to western farming practices, our food supply has also been compromised. We are a...
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Essential Oils for Women’s Health

Who hijacked my body?  Where did all these symptoms come from...PMS, cramps, dryness, mood swings, fatigue, headaches, weight gain, sleeping problems, low libido, panic/anxious feelings, wired but tired, head aches?
hor`mone (NOUN) a regulatory substance produced in an organism and transported in tissue fluids such as blood or sap to stimulate specific cells or tissues into...
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