How to Purchase Essential Oils

Hopefully, as you have reviewed this Blog and reviewed the many ways that there are to use essential oils to support your overall wellness and targeted health challenges, you are ready to order.

3 Ways to Join, Here are the Basics! 

  • Retail: You can purchase 1 oil or 100 oils. Just go to Shop  and start there!
  • Wholesale Customer:  by paying a $35 Enrollment Fee (called Introductory Packet under ‘Kits’) you can then purchase 1 oil or 100 oils with the wholesale pricing of 25% off retail for 1 year. The 2nd year and every year thereafter the fee is $25, but they send you a free peppermint oil, so it’s kind of a wash!  Just go to Join & Save  and start there! Using this option is how you would ‘build your own kit’ by purchasing oils particular to you.
  • ‘Pre-Made Kit’: ($35 enrollment fee included in price of kit) Choose one that’s right for you. Purchasing kits saves money and offers other incentives as well. Then go to Join & Save  and start there!

***There is never any obligation to buy, sell, minimums, or monthly requirements!!!

Here are the Exact Steps to Order!

  1. CLICK THIS LINK into my doTERRA Virtual Office to start!
  2. Pick your Language and Country, Choose ‘Continue’
  3. On next page, select ‘Customer’ and then ‘Continue’.
  4. Fill out all information with an *Asterisk under ‘Personal Information’, ‘Shipping Information’ and Contact Information’. Your BD is required to make sure you are over 18.  Please check the box to receive Information via email from doTERRA.
  5. The Enroller ID and Sponsor ID should already be filled in, but if not, fill in 418637 in both fields.
  6. Create a Password (this is to be able to access your own portal to reorder in the future)
  7. Click ‘Agree’ to Basic Terms and Conditions and your Virtual Office User Agreement. Click ‘Continue’
  8. Select a kit.  – If you want to build your own kit, choose “Introductory Packet’ (this is your $35 Enrollment Fee)  You can then start typing in the names of the oils that you want to buy in the search bar and it will load them into your cart.  OR, waive the enrollment fee and choose one of the Pre-made Kits.  With this option you can also add whatever other oils you want to try that are not in your kit by typing them into the search bar.  Be sure to ‘View Totals’ or it won’t let you proceed to the next Screen.
  9. Continue with Billing Information.
  10. You’ll get confirmation emails from DoTERRA & then emails from me that will show you how to access our team support resources.

Optional Loyalty Rewards Program

After your initial order is set up, you will be prompted to set up a Loyalty Rewards Program account.  This is the best way to reorder, but it is 100% optional, you can join or quit anytime!  You can always reorder with the ‘Standard Reordering’ option, and you will still receive your wholesale discount, but none of the following bonuses….

Here are the advantages to reordering through this program:

  • You will save a ton of money! After a year of being on this program, you will be saving 55% off retail!
  • You are eligible to start receiving 10-30% of what you spend back in FREE product points.
  • You are eligible to receive the Free Product of the Month.
  • Your LRP orders are completely Customizable to your preference.

*What I do is order products through my LRP that I used to be buying anyway at other stores, such as Toothpaste, Laundry Soap, Vitamins, Deodorant (but now through the LRP program I earn free product points on those purchases!) and then I use those Free Products Points for Essential Oils!  How cool is that?

  • Every LRP order you make on line reimburses your shipping 100%! (Every dollar you spend on shipping, no matter what shipping method you choose, will come back to you in free product points!)
  • Here is a short video that explains the process:


And That’s It for Ordering, but……!

Kristi HuyckI would never leave you hanging…..Even though this is online, I want you to always feel supported in your Journey as you are learning how to use and incorporate Essential Oils into your everyday life.

When you open your wholesale account with me, you will receive:

  • a Welcome Email from me
  • a link to download150 Uses for the Top 10 Essential Oils No Home Should Be Without’
  • Free 20 minute Wellness Consultation with me to figure out a tailored wellness plan including any oil protocols that will fit your needs!
  • Access to my Secret Facebook Group for my team of Newbies and Experienced alike, where you will find relevant articles, updates, reminders of events and a group of like minded people learning to use essential oils. You will be able to ask questions, and post your victories as well!
  • Access to Weekly Team Calls to review oils and products, listen to testimonies, as well as share yours (because you will soon start having good news about how much essential oils have helped you!)
  • Follow up phone calls from qualified mentors to see how you are doing!


So….. What are you waiting for??  If you’ve read this far then I know you are ready to try something different!  Yes, it can be a little scary to try something new, but you will have me and you will have your new essential oils community to support you!  You will love the positive changes that you will see and feel in your life! And before you know it, you too will be convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that you made the right choice in choosing essential oils to help you get your life back on track, in choosing DoTERRA as the best company to provide you those oils, and in choosing me to help you until you feel confident enough to fly on your own!

I wish you many blessings, including abundant health!

~ Kristi

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