Why Use Essential Oils?

You are probably here because you know there has to be a better way!
Maybe you have seen firsthand the side effects of some medications, and have heard some rumors about ‘Alternative Medicine’ being a possible solution….guess what, the rumors are true!  You are in the right place to learn a new way of how to take care of yourself. Yes, there are actually ways to deal with pain without having to worry about becoming addicted!  There are ways to combat seasonal threats without taking mega doses of antibiotics that compromise your gut!  And with essential oils, you will actually find that you have an OFFENSIVE weapon that inhibits virus replication!  Does the following sound familiar?

You: “Hey Doc…..Is there anything you can do for me?  I’ve felt awful for a week now, I just can’t seem to kick this thing!”

Doctor:  “Go home, let it run its course, just symptom manage the best you can. There’s nothing I can do for you because it’s a virus.”

Now there is a new sheriff in town! By using essential oils, you can actually fight back and be successful in keeping your family well during the winter months.

You Can’t Fool Mother Nature!

When it comes to natural processes, God wrote the book!  And He actually programmed into Nature, when he created it, ways to restore balance and harmony when it has been upset.  The processes are safe, effective and all natural, not synthetic.  It is plant based, and it works!

Plants thrive in nature, because over time, they have developed very strong immune systems for themselves. Plants get attacked, just like we do, with virus, bacteria, and diseases. They also need to be able to repair themselves (think broken branch).  These repairing mechanisms are, in a sense, the life blood of the plant.  This ‘life blood’ is stored in tiny oil sacs in the bark, leaves, stems, petals of plants and we call them essential oils.

Lesson #1)

It’s important to remember that we are made of very similar building blocks as plants, so when we take these essential oils into our bodies they recognize a similar environment and go to work on our behalf, just like they do for the plant;  killing bacteria, inhibiting virus reproduction, cleansing toxins, destroying parasites, oxygenating our cells, and boosting our immune systems.

Lesson #2)

Essential oils do not mask symptoms, they work at a cellular level, at the root of the problem, assisting your body to ‘remember’ what its optimal state of health is, causing the cells to rejuvenate and reprogram themselves.

Lesson #3)

Essential Oils are 50-70 times more powerful than the plant they came from, they are very concentrated, making them a very potent delivery system for all the benefits of that plant!

In contrast, synthetic pharmaceuticals can often manage a problem, but will create 5 other problems in the process.  The reason is because your body does not recognize the synthetic portion of that drug and tries to detoxify it…..these are called ‘side-effects’.  Another important fact is that pharmaceutical companies get many of their ideas for their drugs by copying one of the chemical compounds of a plant and then synthetically reproducing it!  Because it is synthetic, they can then patent it, mass produce it and sell it for billions of dollars.  I say, “Let’s find the plant where you got that idea from, and use that instead!”  In many cases, the essential oil will work just as good, if not better…with no side-effects!!

Quality Matters

In the world of essential oils, there are a lot of knock offs.  Isn’t that always the case?  First, there was the original beautiful leather Gucci bag…. then came the fake ones.  No different in the world of essential oils.  First, there was the beautiful, pure, therapeutic essential oils.  Then, because unscrupulous people are always looking to capitalize on what the marketplace is interested in, they started to make adulterated versions…adding fillers to stretch the oils, using plant materials with pesticides and herbicides on them, and using fast extraction processes that saved them time and money but which ruined the delicate structures of the oil chemistry.  And because there is no regulation in the marketplace of essential oils (they fall under Health & Beauty), it is easy to call a bottle of essential oil whatever you want it to be….100% Natural, 100% Organic, All Natural, Just As Nature Intended….you get the idea.  By law all they have to do is put 10% essential oil in the bottle and then they can label it however they want to.  Do you see the problem?

Problem Resolved

doTERRA decided to create their own certification CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) since there was none.  It’s their own standard so that people can be assured of where the plants come from, how they are harvested, tested and distilled.  doTERRA does not ‘farm’ their plants or trees, they come from the areas of the world that each one has been growing indigenously in for hundreds of years.  Soil, seasons, weather and geographical location must all be in harmony for a plant to achieve its maximum therapeutic potential.  All oils are sent out for rigorous 3rd party testing numerous times during the distilling and bottling process and surpass USDA testing standards.  doTERRA’s essential oils are guaranteed to be free of fillers, pesticides, herbicides, or any contaminants whatsoever.  100% oil, nothing added or taken away. They are so pure that you can ingest a large portion of them, as evidenced by the ‘Supplemental Facts’ Statement on the backs of many of the bottles.  doTERRA has even discontinued certain oils because the therapeutic value of the oils were not meeting their own CPTG  standards.  Sometimes plants will experience a poor growing season due to weather, which will directly impact that plants ability to produce a ‘therapeutic grade’ essential oil.   Rather than offer an inferior oil, doTERRA will just discontinue it!  This says ‘Integrity’ to me, and verifies doTERRA’s commitment to its own standards. Please click here to understand exactly why doTERRA’s oils are different than any others in the marketplace!

Conclusion:  Stay away from the Big Box Stores and on line purchasing, as it is difficult to track and verify most of these companies’ practices!

Why doTERRA?

One thing that I love about doTERRA, is that they are privately owned, and are not a corporation.  Incorporating will cause a company to start compromising their values and products to increase profits, so I am relieved that there will never be any shareholders to answer to!  The seven owners of doTERRA mortgaged their homes and leveraged their other assets to start a company that would offer pure essential oils to the public.  doTERRA is now 8 years old and 100% debt free!

In addition to producing the best essential oils in the world, doTERRA is a humanitarian minded company, dedicated to serving the communities around the world that it does business with.  The Healing Hands Foundation was founded in 2012 and partners with many local groups to support initiatives such as Earthquake Relief in Nepal  and Operation Underground Railroad.

“When the Student is ready, the Teacher will come.”

doTERRA is growing because of their commitment to excellence, the integrity of its leaders and superior products.  doTERRA is here because many of us were looking for an effective and natural way to care for ourselves and not have to rely on outside sources for every little thing, and we wanted to be empowered in our homes to care for ourselves and our families.  I am grateful to be part of a Grassroots movement that is helping us to own our own healthcare through encouragement to be proactive in our lifestyle choices and the use of essential oils.


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