Resources I Use Everyday

If you are serious about using Essential Oils, you are going to need a few good reference books.  There is no way to memorize what every oil does and the oil protocols that you will need as life’s little emergencies pop up…so if you know the alphabet, you can look up anything! As with learning anything new, just start small (1 book to start) and add as you feel comfortable.  Most of these books can be found at either or


 modern-essentials Modern Essentials – a Contemporary Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils
(2016) 8th Edition Published & Distributed by Aroma Tools
(also available as a SmartPhone App)
**1st reference book I ever had, it’s beautiful!!
The Essential Life – A Simple Guide to Living the Wellness Lifestyle
(2015) 3rd Edition Total Wellness Publishers
**Many DIY recipes & protocols
Emotions & Essential Oils – A Modern Resource for Living – Emotional Reference Guide

(2016) Fifth Edition Published by Enlighten Alternative Healing

**All oils have an emotional component, this is a comprehensive list & explanation MUST HAVE!!

Fritz, Stephanie LM, CPM

(2015) 2nd Edition Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth & Babies

**Must have if you are pregnant or know someone who is!

Essential Oils for Maternity

(2015) 2nd Edition Published and Distributed by Abundant Health, LLC

**Amazing little flip book with health challenge, oils to use & how to instructions!! Must have also for pregnancy!!

Hintze, Rebecca & Lawton, Lawton, Dr Susan (2012)

Living Healthy & Happily Ever After- Psychological & Physical Remedies to Jumpstart Healing $9.99 on Kindle

**I have the hardback, but it looks like it is out of print

Addresses psychological & physical remedies with essential oils,

I have learned a lot from this book!


Essentials of the Earth- An Encyclopedia of Oils, Blends & Applications

(2015) 5th Edition Published by Essentials of the Earth, LLC

**Easy to navigate spiral bound, this is probably the book I use the most to look up health challenges & oil protocols for friends & family


Mia K Frezzo, DVM & Jan C Jeremias, MSc. Spoil Your Pet – A Practical Guide to Using Essential Oils in Dogs & Cats


**if you have a dog/cat, must have, covers over 50 health conditions!!


Phone App – Droplii

oils & protocols for numerous health conditions, this is an AMAZING App!!

**Free from me to you when you join my team but can be purchased also in @ App Store



Phone App – doTERRA Daily Drop


short teaching videos about DoTERRA oils/products